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Our Mission

‘Eagles RAPS Inc. will provide an environment and facilities to positively encourage the personal growth of today’s youth by assisting them in achieving their own goals, dreams and aspirations, thereby helping create their own happiness and fulfilment of life. Eagles RAPS Inc. will attempt to bring young people together in a community environment which will in turn provide young people with a stronger, more supportive and safer network in which they will work, live and study.’

A Humble Beginning

In 1997, Eagles RAPS was formed by local community members, led by Marten and Sally Wynd in response to a troubling increase in youth suicide in the Blacktown area of NSW. The couple were determined to make a difference and set about incorporating a charity organisation which would reach out to young people in the area. Although none of the members were trained in youth work, they believed that they could help the young people by seeking the right professional help to address their issues.

In 1999, with only personal and community sourced funds we established a youth centre in Doonside known as ERYC’s (Eagles RAPS Youth Centre). Initially this was a drop-in recreational centre and referral service for young people needing assistance until in 2001 a couple of young lads came to us wanting to complete their Year 10 education. No mainstream schools in the area would accept them, so we went looking for another avenue and discovered OTEN-TAFE (distance education branch at TAFE)


Evolving Programs

These two young men were the beginnings of what is now a very successful education program and training organisation (RTO).

Today, we have a range of courses on our scope of delivery including Foundation Skills courses, IT, First Aid and White Card. We continue to add more as the need arises.

We also still work closely with TAFE Digital to help students with a whole range of courses.

Since humble beginnings Eagles Education and Training (EET) is now a leading alternative setting for young people struggling to succeed at mainstream school. We are flexible in every possible way to ensure everyone has access to support and no-one gets left behind. 

Thousands of students have come though our programs. And while others measure our success in terms of course completions or awards and achievements, we measure it by the difference we have made to so many young lives and the warmth that exists in the Eagles Family.

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