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Who can study at Eagles?

There are no strict criteria for who can study at Eagles Education and Training. It depends on what the student wants and needs.

Eagles is a youth service as well as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we target students who have fallen out of the school system so our main cohort is young people aged 15-19.

Regardless of your age, get in touch to see if we can help.

How do I enrol?

Give us a call on 029679 9991.

We recommend that anyone considering using Eagles Education as an alternative to 'mainstream school' call us to discuss their issues and possible solutions. 

What sorts of kids go to Eagles?

What qualification will I get?

All sorts!!! And, while this is a perfectly natural question for parents and carers who are considering Eagles for their children, we can't give a simple answer.

One thing for sure is, all of our students have at least one thing in common; they have all had a tough time at their home school and need (deserve) an opportunity to succeed. And that's what we are here for! 

It depends.

For every Eagles student we will develop a 'Individual Learning Plan' or ILP.

We work closely with the students to understand their needs and their desired pathways. We then build an ILP which sets out the path to success.

Some our courses can be found here.

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