Support us

Events and fundraising

Helping young people at Eagles RAPS is only possible with the generosity of donations from others. Fundraising Events are an essential way for Eagles RAPS to raise funds to continue our work with young people in need. Becoming involved in events is so much fun and brings people together.

Corporate partnerships

There are many ways for businesses to get involved. We are so grateful for the strong relationships we have built with our corporate partners. Choose from a number of ways to be part of Eagles RAPS. You can sponsor an event, partner with us or share your services with us. Every bit helps us to assist the young people who need our help. We are very thankful to our corporate sponsors and are always looking for likeminded businesses with compassion and commitment to make a difference to the young lives who are our future.

Spread the

Just letting others know about what we do is a big help. You can do this simply by liking our Facebook page and sharing it. Small effort, big impact! This helps us with getting our information out into the community and we are thankful to each of you who do it. Go on, take a peak at us and ‘like’ what we do, it’s easy!

Are you ready to get involved?

Helping others is such a human thing to do. Understanding the needs of others stirs something up inside of us and just want to be part of it. Our organisation is run entirely on the generosity of people just like you — people who care.