Student stories

Student story — Karley

A brain tumour and the cruelty of other children left Karley feeling alone and unable to succeed in school.

After suffering a brain tumour and ongoing treatments, Karley found that children singled her out due to her new different physical appearance – feeling alone and unable to manage with mainstream schooling, she found a place in Eagles RAPS where she was accepted and could learn. 

Hi, my name is Karley. I’ve been attending Eagles RAPS since 1st September 2013. I heard about this school from my brother and cousin. They also came here. Before I came here I went to mainstream school. I came to this school because I didn’t fit in at mainstream school. Most kids picked on me and the teachers didn’t really like me because of my older brother who had been there. The work didn’t really make sense to me. It was really hard.

When I was in year 1, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I was in hospital for a very long period of time. I went through chemo and radio therapy. Having cancer affected me in many ways. I missed a lot of school due to the surgeries I had to have and the chemo and radio therapy.

The cancer was in the back of my head, so when I had surgery they had to shave my hair off. When I went back to school, I didn’t feel comfortable because kids picked on me. I used to think that no one liked me because of how I looked. No one would talk to me and no one wanted to play with me so I sat alone and wouldn’t talk to anyone. That’s why I had trouble talking and interacting with kids in high school because of what happened in primary school.

I hardly ever went to class and I didn’t really do my work most of the time. Most of the time I was easily distracted by people in my class or other kids outside of the classroom. I didn’t get the help I needed to be successful and do my work properly. I didn’t really understand the work.

“The kids here are really nice. No one judges you. I’ve made a couple of very good friends here.”

But Eagles RAPS have really helped me learn a lot since being here. Sally and Scott have taught and helped me to understand stuff that I didn’t learn in mainstream school. They have given me work that has taught me stuff that I never knew before.

I’m almost finished her but I would tell anyone that doesn’t fit in at mainstream school and who wants to do something with their life to come here because this school has helped me a lot. I guarantee it will help them if they are willing to sit and listen and want to learn.

The kids here are really nice. No one judges you. I’ve made a couple of very good friends here. Having friends is really good because you don’t get bored. It makes you feel better to come here with friends – people that don’t judge you. Everyone gets along with each other. 

The work is sometimes hard but Sally and Scott do whatever they can to help us get through it. In mainstream school you have a time limit on your work but here you don’t, you can take time doing your work to make sure you get everything right and it’s neat. I was really shy in school but coming here has helped me to open up and meet new people. Coming here gives you a chance to meet new people and learn new things. When I finish at Eagles RAPS I really want to be a hairdresser.

“I’m really happy I found out about eagles raps because it made me a better person and I’ve learned lots of stuff”

I really hope other kids get the chance to have the experience I did at Eagles RAPS because Sally and Scott put so much work into Eagles RAPS. I really appreciate what Sally and Scott have done for me. They don’t have to get up every day to help us kids but they chose to because they don’t want to see us do nothing with our lives. They raise money just so we can get an education. No one has to do that, but Sally and Scott take the time to do that. I really don’t want to see Eagles RAPS shut down because then most kids won’t get the education that me and the other kids at Eagles RAPS got.

Yours truly, Karley.