Student stories

Student story — George

Saved from crime, jail and drugs, George can now look positively at his future.

My name is George. I started here at Eagles on 17 November 2011. I’ve been here for 3 years. The reason why is because I was in lock up most of the time. Scott and Sally helped me get out of lock up and they helped me in court.

I tried to go to a normal school but they didn’t want me because of my crimes. I wanted to go back to school so asked my Counsellor at Juvenile Justice who helped me find this school. When I started I didn’t like it, but now that I’ve started to come more I’m so happy that they have helped me out over the years. I know now how to spell better and speak better to people without swearing. They helped me with some of my casework and family. They also helped me in writing statements to court about my attendance. They were always truthful to my solicitor and to the court to get me bail. One of the conditions of my bail was to attend school.

“If I never came to this school, I would still be doing crime and drugs and still be in jail”

I have also made a good group of friends that don’t do crime and they help me come to school everyday. Scott and Sally have also helped me with my Centrelink payments. Scott and Sally are some of the best teachers I know. They helped me get from nothing to something over the past years. They’re good people that give up their own time to help people in need like me and I need a lot their time. I’m so happy that I’m off the drugs and studying harder than I ever have in life. I owe them a lot for helping me get past day to day life and learning more than I know and I hope this school keeps on going for more years. 

If I never came to this school I would still be doing crime and drugs and still be in jail, so please help them as they help us learn more every day and it will be a shame if this school shuts down. I recommend this school to people that get bullied or have crime problems or have no other school they can get into. So, please help this school out as they need funding so I can keep studying on to my year 12. If not I won’t be able to get that. This is the only school that will take me in. 

“This is the only school that will take me in”


George has a great future – one where he now has a trade and can get full time employment or who know’s in the future he may even run his own business!