Mark Winterbottom (Frosty)

Giving young people the realisation that dreams can come true and having confidence and belief in yourself that you really can do something with your life, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time, is why Mark Winterbottom is a part of the Eagles RAPS vision.

Mark Winterbottom of Irwin Racing during the 2019 Team shoot, Melbourne, Vic, January 29, 2019.

Challenge and Inspire

For many young kids, Eagles RAPS is their only chance of education and the starting point to build a positive future on. We are honoured that Mark Winterbottom has chosen Eagles RAPS as his charity of choice to partner with. Mark wants to see the kids that come through Eagles RAPS challenge themselves and know they can have a fantastic life. Mark grew up in Doonside (HQ of Eagles RAPS) and enjoys coming back to visit and inspire the young people there. His visits are huge hit with the team! 

Frosty with a group of past and present students at our April 2016 Fundraiser